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My Works of Art

My work of art is a process of examining the future and rediscovering the past to build the present, to envisage complex challenges in order to link between different culture, places, time and event.

The basis of my thought is concerned with the balance of high technology and indigenous life, and the growing rediscovery of the importance of indigenous environment as component and significance to the modern times in order to relate and communicate socio-economic and environmental problems.

 My works are strongly influenced by social, cultural, religious, spiritual and political norms. Hence my works, whatever their forms and motives reflect the magical ritualism of my rich indigenous roots.


My ideas and inspirations come from my daily observation of the environment and events and interaction with the different people and culture. But I’m also inspired by things that may seem irrelevant to others as my ideas and energies constantly activated my mind and heart for a creative art work.


I believe that art as a ritual has a healing capacity and the artist as a healer will give valuable contributions to balance the mind for a meaningful future.