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Tapestry Paintings

My art is influenced by social, cultural, religious, spiritual and political norms and present socio-economic and environmental problems. The ideas and inspirations come from my daily observations of the environment and events and interaction with the different people and culture.


My art subjects do not attempt to portray the symmetry and balance of human forms. Sometimes the subjects appear distorted. But here lies my message: Life as experienced is one of travail and struggle, which may distort the human spirit and ordinary people who in their innocence are vulnerable to the intricacies of life.

This body of paintings encompasses the indigenous idiom, in my own way of intoxicating mixture of colour, figures, symbols, motifs and details enough to astound one’s perceptions without exception to possibilities.

My bark-like tapestries use techniques that I developed for decades by using dye, textile paint and acrylic instead of the usual stretched and primed canvas.

This is an adherence to indigenous forms that complement my works’ subjects and themes, inspired by tribal hand woven cloth and artifacts.